The 6 Best Document Management Software (DMS) in 2022

Document Management Software (DMS) eliminates the need to go through filing cabinets. The software also ensures the safety of your most sensitive documents and allows your staff to access and collaborate on files from any location.


Best Document Management Software

1. M-Files

M-Files is the document management system of the future. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the organizing process.


When you submit content to M-Files, the platform organizes it automatically based on what it is rather than where you wish to store it.

Protect your data by seamlessly and securely connecting your existing network to M-Files' AI.

M-Files also provide industry-specific solutions, which is a huge plus. They work in a variety of industries, including:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Petroleum and natural gas
  • Property investment
  • Fabrication
  • High-quality services

M-Files is ideal for bigger groups that require access to papers at various times. If a member of your team needs a file that was uploaded and saved by another employee, they won't have to go through many directories to find it.

All you need to know with AI technology is what kind of paper you're looking for. The content can then be organized using parameters such as project title, author, customer, or expiration date.

It finds duplicate material and merges the most recent document into a single file. This ensures that you're always reading or working with the most recent version.

M-Files allows you to save a variety of document kinds, including emails. You can also collaborate with external users who don't have M-Files using the software. As a secure link, that content can be shared.

M-Files also provides cloud storage, on-premise storage, and hybrid storage options.

M-Files is available for a free 30-day trial, however, there is no pricing information on their website. To ask about a custom solution, you must contact their sales staff.

2. Templafy

Templafy is a new DMS on the market. They've been delivering all-in-one document management solutions for businesses all over the world since its start in 2014.


It's built for large companies and helps streamline procedures to save time when storing and accessing information.

Templafy is used for document management by over 300 companies in over 80 countries. This translates to almost a million people.

Templafy will automatically show the most relevant content to each employee depending on their usage and position using an intelligence software.

That implies your marketing team doesn't need to read accounting-related information, for example.

By allowing users to generate and update new information from within the system, Templafy eliminates the need to produce new documents on a new platform.

On your dashboard, you can manage both new and posted content in a single, easy-to-understand feed.

The cloud storage software from Templafy allows you to access documents from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Templafy can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, and other platforms that you use on a regular basis to manage your business. Templafy can also be integrated with CRM software like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Templafy is trusted by big brands like Pandora and IKEA to manage their papers with enterprise-grade software.

Templafy offers solutions for increasing staff productivity and establishing an evergreen IT infrastructure in addition to document and file management.

Another major advantage of adopting Templafy is security. Whether you're online or not, you and your team can securely store and access material from anywhere, on any device.

Templafy, like other enterprise software, offers customized solutions for each business. As a result, they don't publish any prices on the internet. By contacting their sales staff, you can experience Templafy for free before committing to a contract.

3. eFileCabinet

One of the greatest document management solutions on the market is eFileCabinet. They assist people, small company owners, and large corporations in organizing data and files on the internet.


No matter how many documents and data you have, their method will help you stay organized.

You can use folder templates or pre-defined file names to search for and locate documents. For rapid access, eFileCabinet retains a portfolio of your most frequently used documents.

The eFileCabinet solution takes care of everything for you. Simply drag & drop a document into the software, and it will be filed. The automated workflow helps you save time in the office by automating your time-consuming chores.

With a web browser or a mobile app, you may access all of your documents from anywhere. You can also upload directly from your phone or mobile device. You can also sign contracts using eFileCabinet.

The collaboration features are one of the most notable aspects of this system. You can set up several levels of protection in the system so that only certain people have access to data.

Encrypted file sharing and requests, two-factor authentication, and role-based permissions are all available in eFileCabinet. You can also set authentication based on IP or location.

Popular third-party services such as DocuSign, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office are all integrated into the platform.

Here's a quick rundown of eFileCabinet's plans and pricing:

  • Starter — Monthly fees start at $15. (25 GB of storage)
  • Advantage — Prices start at $55 per month (1 TB of storage)
  • Business — Monthly rates start at $99 (5 TB of storage)
  • Unlimited — Prices start at $199 per month (Unlimited storage)

All fees are given per user and are billed annually. You'll need to pay for a minimum of three users if you upgrade from the Starter plan to the Advantage plan.

Individuals should only consider the Starter plan. The Advantage plan will probably suffice for sole proprietors or extremely small firms, but the Business package will most likely be the best option for the bulk of you.

You can pick whether you want your storage on-site or in the cloud with eFileCabinet. Cloud storage is my own preference. On-premises, however, have their own set of benefits.

4. signNow

Users like signNow's intuitive document signing and management software because of its ease of use and low cost.


signNow is a no-frills option for document signing services at a low cost. It compares favorably to industry leaders in terms of features, including infinite templates, numerous integrations, cloud storage (even on the most basic subscription plan), multiple language support, audit trail, reminders, and more.

Unlike well-known e-sign providers such as DocuSign and HelloSign, signNow provides a unique direct signature link. You don't have to allow the supplier to send a third-party email to your client requesting a signature when you upload a document for signing.

Instead, signNow provides you with a direct link that you can send to your client by email or text, ensuring that the request comes directly from you.

SignNow also gets a bonus point for its mobile app. From a desktop, phone, or tablet device, document receivers can sign crucial documents without having to create an account.

You can buy a solution that is tailored to your industry, such as, but not limited to:

  • Development
  • Banking and Finance
  • Medical care
  • Coverage
  • Property Management
  • Instruction

For all document procedures, signNow users can build up no-code workflow automation. You may assign responsibilities, create conditional routing, configure notifications, and link with your existing business tools. Plus, it's extremely safe, thanks to ESIGN authentication and protection, as well as SOC 2 Type II certification, which ensures compliance with industry standards.

There are four subscription tiers available with signNow:

  • Business: $8 per month per user
  • Business Premium: $15 per month per user, with workflow automation.
  • Enterprise: $30 per month per user, which includes payment requests, attachments, and other features.
  • airSlate Business Cloud: $50 per user per month (minimum of 5 users), provides a suite of products as well as additional compliance and support

Even the Business Premium plan costs nearly the same as the cheapest plan offered by many other Document Management Software companies. You can also save up to 60% by paying annually rather than monthly. To get started, sign up for a 7-day free trial of signNow and start emailing documents right away.

5. Hightail

Hightail is a document management system with a specific goal in mind: collaboration and sharing.


Other Document Management software on the market has file-sharing features as well, but Hightail takes it a step further.

This service will work great if you need to communicate huge files securely.

Sharing information in a secure manner is straightforward. Simply drag or upload a file into your Hightail account from your device or cloud storage option. Fill in the details with whom you want to share it, and an email notification will be sent to the recipient automatically.

Share a video presentation with the team and receive fast feedback.

You can trace the delivery and downloads of content you shared with Hightail. So you know who and when it was opened.

Hightail allows you to send files up to 500 GB in size. Files can be password-protected, and expiration dates can be defined.

6. MasterControl

MasterControl is a DMS designed for enterprises that place high importance on security. Certain industries have stringent restrictions that businesses must follow.


MasterControl is aware of these problems and has developed a document management solution that satisfies all security criteria.

They allow you to keep track of changes and revisions. This is especially useful if a paper needs to be evaluated by a certain person. You may also set a reminder and plan a time.

Access can also be used to limit revisions in MasterControl. You have complete control over who has access to a document and who can make changes to it.

To keep track of copies of your files, you can add custom watermarks, sequential numbering, and position tracking.

MasterControl complies with 21 CFR Part 11. This means that documents include a time-stamped audit trail as well as federally compliant e-sign functionality.

MasterControl's learning center is another unique feature. You'll have access to a wealth of free videos, documents, and other resources to help you learn more about the platform and overall security compliance.

MasterControl will be a top alternative for you to consider if you need enterprise-grade security for document management in a demanding sector. For a personalized quote, contact their sales team.


You should look for document management software that integrates with the platforms you already use. Whether it's a customer relationship management system like Salesforce or document editing and production tools like Microsoft Office 365, various platforms provide a diverse set of connectors.

Other niche-specific solutions, on the other hand, are a little more limited. As a result, be sure you're using tools that will genuinely help your workflow.

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