Who is Wealth Creator? Top Wealth Creators in India

Definition of Wealth Creators

One of the most crucial personal characteristics of wealth creators is integrity, which means that their words and deeds are consistent. They can always be trusted and are trustworthy due to this personal trait.


Unfortunately, most individuals say one thing and do another, i.e., their words are not supported by their actions. As a result, it's understandable why the majority of individuals aren't moneymakers. You can't be a wealth producer if you don't have integrity.

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Second, their interactions are based on trust and respect, resulting in positive, good, and long-lasting partnerships. This is understandable, as any relationship that lacks trust and respect is certain to fail.

Finally, wealth producers live lives that are strong, stable, and progressive. They aren't living opulent, high-flying lives one day and then being homeless the next. The fundamental reason for this is that wealth builders avoid taking risks and, as a result, do not place themselves in situations where they risk losing everything.

This contradicts the widely held idea that the greater the risk, the greater the payoff. People who think this to be true are not wealth producers, and if they believe this to be true and are wealthy as a result of taking large risks, they are gamblers.

Gamblers have a chance of getting wealthy, but they also have a chance of losing everything they have.

Wealth creators, on the other hand, increase their wealth.

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Fourth, wealth makers do not amass their fortunes by accident, fate, or luck. They each have a formula for accumulating riches, and they stick to it religiously. Fortune creators increase their wealth by following a successful formula that continuously produces positive outcomes; as a result, wealth creators might be described as "results-driven," or "only interested in the results."

The third point I'd like to make is that wealth producers understand how to establish a business or an investment. They have invested time and effort in themselves in order to gain the essential knowledge and abilities to start a business or make an investment.

Wealth makers can make their money work for them rather than for them working for their money. Another reason why most people aren't wealth producers is that they can only work for their money, rather than making their money work for them.

The Best Part of Wealth Creators

For ages, the routes with the greatest potential for wealth development have stayed the same. The wealth producers of today have learned and followed the lessons taught to them by the wealth creators of the past in various ways.

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One of the most significant contrasts is that today's wealth-builders have the added leverage and benefit of technology. As a result, it is far easier for anyone to accumulate wealth today than it was previously.

Despite the fact that I believe all paths to wealth development are equally important, I will begin with the path of property. Property has long been a powerful tool for accumulating wealth.

Royalty used to own all of the lands in the Middle Ages, and "commoners" had to pay high taxes to use it. This provided them with a significant portion of their wealth. Only priests were permitted to own land and hence were free from paying these taxes. As was the case during the French Revolution, this resulted in widespread discontent of the ruling class, prompting the "commoners" to revolt against the monarchy.

As a result, royalty realized that they needed to adapt, despite the fact that they still sought to safeguard their interests. The royals decided to enable "commoners" to possess their land and property. However, in order to do so, they had to first buy the land from the royals, and because the royals could charge whatever price they deemed "fair" for the land, their wealth grew much higher than before.

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Did you know that the words "real estate" and "royal estate" stem from the same Spanish word? As a result, "royal estate" is the direct translation of "real estate." The reason for this is that the royals had complete authority over the money and riches of the land, regardless of whether they owned it or not.

Although a lot has changed since then, one thing that hasn't is that property is still one of the finest ways to build wealth.

Trading invaluable resources is another method of accumulating riches. Historically, merchants sold important resources in order to increase their riches. They were the first to establish loans and the interest that came with them, paving the way for the modern banking system.

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Top Wealth Creators of 2021 in India

According to Motilal Oswal's 26th Annual Wealth Creation Study, oil-to-telecom giant Reliance Industries (RIL) has emerged as the country's top wealth creator, adding Rs 9.6 trillion in the last five years. The Mukesh Ambani-led business has therefore surpassed its previous high of Rs 5.6 trillion produced in 2014-19.

The study included the financial years 2015-16 (FY16) to FY21, and it ranks the top 100 firms in descending order of absolute wealth created, assuming that their stock price outperforms the BSE Sensex. The companies were also graded based on their speed (price CAGR during the period).

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According to the report, the top 100 corporations created Rs. 71 trillion in wealth in the recent five years, significantly more than any other five-year period in the previous 26. They generated a 25% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) vs. 14% for the BSE Sensex.

According to the report, Reliance's reemergence as the largest wealth producer underlines the potential of Phygital (physical plus digital). Its oil-to-chemicals and retail industries are based on the physical world, whereas its telecom industry is based on the digital world.

Raamdeo Agrawal, chairman of Motilal Oswal Financial Services, said, "RIL has good cash flow management, re-invested wisely, and has been able to establish the world's leading firms."

During the period 2016-21, two Adani group companies – Adani Transmission and Adani Enterprises – emerged as the quickest (price CAGR of 93%) and most consistent (highest price CAGR of 86%) wealth creators, respectively. Adani Enterprises was also named the best wealth creator overall.

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According to the analysis, a sum of Rs 10 lakh invested evenly among the top 10 quickest wealth builders in 2016 would have risen to Rs 1.7 crore in 2021, a return CAGR of 77% compared to just 14% for the Sensex.

“In 2016, 8 out of the pinnacle 10 wealth manufacturers had a marketplace capitalization of much less than Rs. 2,000 crore." Moreover, many of them were very important at that time, especially because they could grow in the future. As a result, the data "confirms the obvious — choose small-to-mid-cap companies with strong profits growth prospects trading at acceptable prices" for significant wealth creation, according to the paper.

After briefly losing ground to consumer and retail in the previous research, the financial sector was once again the top wealth producer. Compared to 18% five years earlier, the industry generated nearly 25% of total wealth.

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"The most effective competitor that might be at a higher degree subsequent yr is generation." The industry is receiving big orders from remote places clients due to fast digitalization, that's leading to huge growth. In step with the take a look at, "stock charges have spoken back definitely."

During the period 2016-21, public sector undertakings (PSUs) created the least amount of wealth ever, with only two PSUs, Gujarat Gas, and Indraprastha Gas, making the list.

"Government can be better off by making more PSUs independent if it follows the Air India model." This has a double benefit: the businesses that are excluded may be more efficient, and the money collected from that confidential information can be used for economic development, "according to the paper. Source: Reliance Industries largest wealth creator in 2016-21, says Motilal Oswal

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