Employee Self-Service Portal

A secure employee portal allows employees and payroll personnel to collaborate seamlessly. Our completely hosted HR data and payroll system improves efficiency, cuts costs, and streamlines processes. Employees can access their own workspace by logging in to their account on the company’s website.

Improve employee engagement with AI-enabled chatbots and real-time surveys that provide actionable data. Create a people-centric culture by conducting timely automated surveys to gauge employee sentiment and taking steps to reduce attrition risks.

Self-Service by Employees

Employees who are empowered and engaged

When employees acquire access to the employee portal and have online access to their paycheck and other information, watch their trust and motivation levels raise.

Better communication, standardized processes, faster turnaround times, transparency, involvement, and improved quality are just a few of the benefits. Furthermore, the ESS portal has a handy mobile app that allows you to access it at any time and from anywhere.


Keep everthing in one location

Don’t have employees seek for their salary information all over the place. Pay stubs, tax stubs, notifications, loan deductions, and much more may all be found in one place.

Employee Reimbursements

By uploading the proper bills within the site, employees can reclaim out-of-pocket business expenses and organization-provided reimbursements.

Password Protected Documents

To keep your employees’ data private, create custom passwords for their pay stubs and tax computation worksheets.

With compliance documentation, you'll be able to ace tax season

With printable tax worksheets and Form 16, you can help your employees understand their tax obligations and file their income tax returns.

Expedite the filing of investment proofs

Within the site, notifications about investment declarations and FBP submissions guarantee that your staff does not miss critical dates.

Employee loan status updates

Payroll Services deducts loan payments automatically and changes the outstanding balance and remaining term for employee loans.