About Leave Management Services

Get assistance with keeping your employment costs under control.

Time tracking is a crucial element of keeping track of your employee costs. And as you get older, this can get more difficult. Managing and improving your company’s time and attendance routine has never been easier than with Linguee Global Solutions.

With Linguee Global Solutions‘s time monitoring and payroll reporting, you can see the full costs of your employees — even temporary workers — and modify hours as needed.

Members can also access sample letters, notices, tracking tools, regulations, and guidelines through our Reference Library.

Members can collaborate with Employers Group’s Leave Management partners to take advantage of full-service outsourcing when the challenges of administering and managing leaves become too much to bear.

The Employers Group’s partners can handle a wide range of leaves, including:

  • General or personal
  • Medically related
  • Complex and/or overlapping
  • Multi-employee