With automatic time management systems, you can get more done

Manually keeping track of time? Automated time and attendance management has the potential to transform your working life. You can decrease manual — and error-prone — data entry, boost productivity, and ensure that the appropriate people are where they need to be every day with it.

Easily manage your company’s time and attendance:

  • Employees should use a computer, a mobile device, or a time clock to clock in and leave.
  • Make and distribute schedules.
  • Keep track of time-off requests, approvals, and vacations.

With a management dashboard, you can increase supervisor productivity

With an Linguee Global Solutions team dashboard, you or your managers can keep track of your employees. You can immediately examine how things are running from one easy location:

  • To assist control expenditures, keep track of how many hours you work and how much overtime you get.
  • To avoid payroll delays, keep track of and act on timecard approvals.
  • Check to see who’s on the job, if someone was late or absent, and alter schedules as needed to stay on top of staffing.

To save time and increase productivity, quickly navigate to other supervisor tools, conduct reports, and more.

Ensure wage and hour regulations are followed

Wage and hour regulations, like as overtime and allowances, can be complicated, but they are a crucial element of safeguarding your company from fines. Spreadsheets and notebooks can only take you so far, and manual data entry is prone to mistakes.

Linguee Global Solutions is known for its user-friendly technology that can assist you in meeting compliance standards. Our specialist’s help you keep on schedule and store the documents you’ll need in the case of an audit with our dependable payroll software.

By outsourcing your payroll to Linguee Global Solutions and letting our specialists do the heavy work, you’ll be able to get even more done.