10 Important Tips to Create Your Video Resume

Video Resume - An Overview

Video resumes are quickly becoming a necessary supplement to a text-based CV. They're lauded as a key approach to stand out from the crowd or an innovative way to demonstrate your skills, ranging from communication to professionalism and beyond. The candidates that are good with their verbal talents will gain directly from Video Resume. In general, recruiters and potential employers are more likely to recall what they hear and see than what they read in your text-based CV. As a result, getting into the spotlight before a face-to-face interview is becoming an important component of the employment process for recruiters.


With the help of this amazing digital tool (Video Resume), the candidate gains another benefit of having a video CV: they can easily forward this video pitch to a large number of hiring managers, or they can post it on several social sharing platforms or share the link on them such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other emerging social media sites to get noticed.

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Now, everyone may assess how much they can gain from this incredible digital tool. However, the question to ask is what exactly needs to be addressed in this Video pitch in order to persuade the viewer to choose you for the job profile in question.

So, in this video CV, the candidate must explain why the viewer should hire them. How can you assist the organization in expanding or doing something similar that is beneficial to the business?

Now, to make the Video Resume, let's start off positively by greeting the viewer, followed by a brief introduction and an audible pitch of your skills and experience. Since the opening 30 seconds of a video are deemed crucial, the viewer will be drawn to you. And you'll almost certainly provide the viewer a cause to stay watching your movie at this point.

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You can briefly describe a few important accomplishments in this video, as well as your educational history, applicable certificates, and unique accolades you've received. Whatever you say should support your goal of becoming an important asset to the company. Finally, wrap up the video by summarizing and thanking the audience for their time.

The most important thing to remember is the time limit, which means the video should be completed in 60 seconds or less, not more since they are a supplement to a standard CV that helps you stand out from the crowd rather than a degrading supplement that may reduce your chances of being selected.

Furthermore, before filming yourself, you can look at sample videos for ideas or use the most popular Video CV as a guide. And record your finest one, where you are truly talking with the audience rather than reading from a script, as this will undoubtedly leave a positive impression on the prospective employer. So brush up on your talents and create an eye-catching video resume. Create, update, upload, and share it to land the dream job you've always wanted!

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Tips to create your Video Resume

Here are 10 important tips to create your Video CV.

1. Tight Budget

We are in a position where having a job interview is becoming more difficult and it is critical to gain more exposure to set oneself apart from the rest of the crowded job market.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Here's where the video resume comes in, allowing you to essentially convey key elements of your textual resume in a short movie. The objective is that the recruiter would be impressed right away and offer you an interview.

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Here are some more pointers to consider as you begin your journey.

2. Keep It within a Minute

If the Video Resume is longer than a minute, the recruiter may become confused about the essential point.

3. Write a Script

You should spend some time creating and revising a script unless you have a lot of experience or are an established Video Blogger. It is said that practice makes perfect. Check for grammatical errors and make sure the screenplay is straightforward and doesn't overwhelm the audience with too much information.

4. Memorize the Script

Memorizing the screenplay will appear more appealing because it will appear more genuine and believable. You will be able to meet the time limitations if you stick to the script.

5. Formal Clothing

Remember to treat the recruiter with respect and dress in respectable corporate clothing. You're sending a strong message that you're a team player who can dress to present the firm in a positive light.

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6. Subtitles

Remember to include some subtitles so that the recruiter remembers important terms such as "initiative," "experienced," "team-player," and "hardworking." To make an even bigger effect, make sure these essential words are colored and animated in some way.

7. Music

Many of the Video Resumes I've seen on YouTube include ominous background music. It's a pity that the music doesn't match the message. Another disadvantage is that the music may drown out what you want to say to the recruiter, defeating the purpose of creating a video resume.

8. YouTube

The jury is still out on whether or not you should publish your video CV on YouTube. On YouTube, I've seen perfectly good video resumes with extremely unjust and terrible comments. These remarks are not useful and may possibly cause the recruiter to become distracted. If you upload your Video Resume to YouTube, it's a good idea to turn off the comment page.

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9. Your Referees

Make an attempt to incorporate brief clips of your referees telling the recruiter about your qualifications in your video CV. This will convey to your recruiter that you are serious about acing the job and that you have references that can attest to your abilities. Remember to include the names and phone numbers of your referees.

10. Mobile Platform

Because recruiters are increasingly using their mobile devices to check video resumes, keep in mind that too much material will result in a jumbled mess. Then the impact of making it won't be noticeable.

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