How to Prepare for Video Interview?

Some people do a lot of interviews and are therefore quite relaxed when it comes to them. Interviews, on the other hand, can be nerve-wracking for some people.


Regardless of your interviewee's level of experience, it's critical that you're prepared to put them at ease so they can provide their best performance.

Interviewer Preparation

  • What do you hope to get out of your interviewee?

That is the question you must ask yourself before you begin. Investigate their past and the issues you'll be talking about to ensure you've covered all of your bases and can influence the conversation in the direction you desire. Plus, they'll feel more at ease in the interview if they see how well-informed you are.

Open-ended questions are necessary for a vibrant and fascinating interview. Starting with a prepared list of questions is always a good idea; you can always add to it during the chat, but it will help you keep the interview on the topic.

Another wonderful approach is to send the interviewee complete details of what will happen on the day before the interview. Ascertain that they are aware of the location and time of the event, as well as what they should dress and how it will be performed. The more details you can provide, the more at ease they will be.

  • Obtain the Appropriate Technology and Applications.

Appropriate technologies will be the requirement. When speaking with a possible employer, inquire about the video interview software they use so you may download and test it out ahead of time.

Because they are simple to use, applications like Skype and Zoom are the most popular. You should also ensure that your computer is capable of handling a video interview so that there are no delays or lag times.

  • Make certain to put the app through its paces.

You may be a tech whiz, but testing is essential. Testing the app entails checking sure your camera is working properly, making sure you can connect to it, and establishing whether or not there are any transmission issues. You don't want to be fumbling around with the app during the interview, so performing your testing ahead of time will make the process go more smoothly.

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Interviewee Preparation

Take a few minutes before turning on the cameras to explain to the interviewee what's going to happen and that if they make a mistake, it's easy to restart, so they shouldn't be concerned.

It's also a good idea to specify how you'd like them to respond. If you want them to repeat the question in their response, for example.

Also, tell them where to look: at the interviewer or at the camera.

Finally, spend some time getting to know them by conversing with them. The interview will move more smoothly if you establish rapport. Share any of your experiences with them, particularly those that have gone badly, to demonstrate that you are just as human as they are.

It's also a good idea to introduce them to your team before you get started, so you can have a few laughs and banter to help them relax and enjoy the experience.

  • Presentation Matters

You could believe that a video interview isn't as "professional" as a traditional interview and that your appearance isn't as crucial. You'd be mistaken. Your LinkedIn page should have a professional headshot, and your video interview should reflect that professionalism. You should not dress casually just because you are interviewing from your home.

Because the interviewers will only see your upper body, it's tempting to wear shorts and merely a great top. If you need to get up for any reason, though, the embarrassment of not wearing dress pants might be disastrous.

  • Remove any potential sources of distraction.

Finally, have a look around the area where the interview will be held. What items might be a source of distraction? Is there a clock that beeps at the top of every hour? Is there anything in the background that needs to be cleaned up?

Because you live with them, they may appear normal to you, but they might provide major distractions during a video interview. Follow the advice of the top professional resume writers and try to make the place you're interviewing in look as professional as possible.

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