Online Career Counseling: Top Websites and Tests

What is Online Career Counseling?

Counseling is the use of skills and skillful relationships to facilitate self-awareness, emotional acceptance, and growth, as well as positive human resource development. The whole purpose is to give you the opportunity to work for a satisfying and intelligent life. Career counseling is one of the domains of counseling that focuses on helping individuals find the right career pathway.


Who Needs Career Counseling?

The underlying and the most important reason for students and professionals to get career counseling is career clarity and a happy career. Career counseling can help to bridge the gap for the students.

Many professionals are unhappy with their careers and looking for a career switch. Many working professionals face stress at jobs and then there are many women professionals who want to make a comeback after a career break. Career counseling can help professionals in finding the perfect job that aligns with their interests. 

The ideal time for students to seek Career Counseling is between the ages of 13-17 (level 8 to 12). This is a time of many changes taking place in their life, both physical and emotional.

It is also a time for career decisions. They need someone to guide them in the right direction at this time. Career Counseling helps them understand the career options they have, and how to pursue them.

It helps them to understand their strengths and weaknesses in relation to their current career or career, and it informs them what work they may be qualified for.

During career counseling, the counselor will help the person assess skills and strengths, consider academic standards and provide advice on further education, and determine interests and personality. Counselors may also administer IQ tests or eligibility tests.

Some potential topics of discussion in career counseling:

  • Particular skills or talents. In which careers might they be useful?
  • Educational commitment is required for various careers.
  • The potential earnings of various careers.
  • The daily working environment.

Best Free Online Career Counseling Websites


MapMyTalent follows a very unique method towards providing Online Career Counselling. They work on finding Real Inherent Strength patterns in the individual.

This Real Inherent Strength pattern is mapped in terms of one's Aptitude, Personality, and Interest profile using their proprietary MyTalent Psychometric Assessment.

  • is a one-stop solution making course and college selection easy for students looking to pursue undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses in India and abroad.

They offer specific information for students interested in UG/PG courses in India ( and Abroad ( across the most popular educational streams. Education seekers gain personal experience on our site, based on educational background and job interest, enabling them to make informed studies and college decisions.

The decision-making is empowered with easy access to detailed information on career choices, courses, exams, colleges, eligibility, fees, placement statistics, etc.

We have introduced several student-oriented products and tools like Career Central, Common Application Form, Top Colleges, College Compare, Alumni Employment Stats, etc.


The Mindler Career Assessment is an online career test that evaluates you on 56 parameters across 5 dimensions including Personality, Aptitude, Interest, EQ, and Orientation Style, to suggest your top career options.

Specially designed for the people of India, Mindler's job evaluation is better understood to help you make more accurate and informed career decisions.

Mindler Career counselors provide career guidance by building customized career action plans and road maps, direct you back to the right path and help you at every step along the way to a successful career.


IDreamCareer focuses on providing UNBIASED career counseling and guidance services to students of classes 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th apart from providing 360-degree guidance to undergraduates and college students.

Online Career Counseling Tests:

  1. Truity: The Big Five Personality Test: Truity’s scientific personality test seeks to accurately measure your key personality traits.
  2. Jung Typology Test: It is the free version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which is known as being one of the most accurate career aptitude tests costing $50.
  3. Careerfitter Free Online Career Test: Receive a free career report when you complete the Careerfitter Online Career Test. This 60-quiz test takes 10 minutes to complete.

Some other free career counseling tests are Princeton Review Career Quiz, MyPlan Career Assessment Test, MAPP Test, etc.

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