Advantages and Disadvantages of Rehiring Ex-Employees

Most business owners are unlikely to consider rehiring ex-employees. But, believe it or not, it is not as horrible as it appears. In fact, rehiring an employee could be quite helpful to your company. However, the likelihood that it will work on you is still dependent on a variety of circumstances. So, in order to determine whether or not rehiring a former employee is a smart idea for your company, let us first discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks so you can determine whether or not you believe you can apply it to your firm.


Just keep in mind that we're only talking about those who have left a positive impression with your firm and have shown to be valuable members of your team. Any previous employees who were fired due to poor performance or behavior may be removed from the list of candidates for rehire.

Advantages of Rehiring Ex-Employees

One of the most significant benefits of rehiring an old employee is that you can benefit from their previous experience and familiarity with you. This implies you won't have to start from zero with them because they may already be familiar with the fundamentals of your business. They'll also have an easier time assimilating to your corporate culture because they've already experienced it. Because they've previously worked with you, all you have to do now is polish and improve on what they know and have. This saves you the expense of training a new staff simply to get them up to speed.

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But don't assume they remember all you've ever taught them about their position and your firm because they'll need some renewing as well as an update on your new systems and procedures at some time.

Another advantage of rehiring ex-employees is that they are more motivated. This is when they realize they work for a company that is willing to reevaluate an old employee and has no ill feelings toward them. It can also give your present employees a positive image, since having an old employee return reminds them that their current position is a good one because people are returning for it. All of these things can boost workplace morale, resulting in increased productivity and employee confidence.

Some pros of rehiring ex-employees are as follows:

You Are Aware of What You Are Getting

You've seen someone's act before when you rehire them. You know how they function, what they anticipate, and who they are. You'll have the chance to assess them based on more than just their work history and references.

They Are Aware of What to Expect

As long as they haven't been out of your employer for more than a few years, they are likely to give you an honest assessment of how it is to work for you. And if they want to do it again, it says a lot about their previous interactions with you and is a complement to your company.

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They bring knowledge from the outside in

If you're looking for a strategic sales or senior leadership job, you're possible to rehire should bring with them a fresh viewpoint, market knowledge, and possibly even new abilities. The best teams are more diverse, so bringing in an outside perspective adds a new dimension to the conversation that could have gone unnoticed in an internally developed workforce.

Perhaps the possible rehire obtained new skills or experienced a process improvement that can be implemented on your team for positions like skilled laborers.

An Encouragement to Other Employees

Even the most devoted employee may believe the grass is greener on the other side of an employee-centric environment like the one we're in now. What draws individuals back reveals a lot about them, regardless of what brought them away in the first place — an exciting opportunity, more money, beginning a family. Coming back to a past employer might be humbling in some ways, but if they have a new perspective on the benefits of working for you, it can be beneficial to current team members as well.

Getting Up and Running Quicker

If they've done it previously, returning employees are likely to know how to pick up and get started on the job. A swift time-to-productivity ratio is an advantage for the recruiter and the team, whether it means reconnecting with previous customers or working a job site like an old pro.

Reduced Time to Hire

You'll save a lot of time and money searching through resumes and doing interviews if you have a job opening and know exactly who the ideal person for the job is.

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Disadvantages of Rehiring Ex-Employees

First and foremost, you must consider whether they are truly the greatest applicant for the job, as there is a chance they are not. The fact that a former employee is applying for the position is insufficient to rule out all other candidates simply because you loved him or her personally. You should still give others a chance to prove themselves because failing to do so may cost you the opportunity to hire your company's most valuable asset. Stick to your qualifications and give everyone a fair shot, including ex-employees, to see who is truly qualified for the position.

Another factor to think about is the likelihood that they will leave again. It has happened previously, therefore there is a potential they will do it again for whatever reason.

You should also consider that when they return, they may feel more entitled. Even if this is not your first working assignment, you must treat them as if they are a new employee. However, this may not be the case for them. Because of their prior experience, individuals have a tendency to demonstrate their superiority and look down on others.

Some cons of rehiring ex-employees are as follows:

Excess Baggage

Keep an eye on your potential rehire if he or she didn't get along with coworkers or bosses who are still on the team. Bringing a deafening relationship back into the workplace can be detrimental to both staff morale and the return prospect.

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You Fooled Me Once...

It would be incredibly inconvenient if the returned employee left again, costing you time, money, and pride. Make sure your relationship with them is in good standing before welcoming them back to the team.

These Aren't the Good Old Days

Be on the watch for personalities who may struggle to cope with change if your potential rehire has been out of the organization for a long time. Although "the good old days" are fondly recalled, technology, the #MeToo movement, safety regulations, and a slew of other factors have altered the face of most sectors. All new employees, whether they are returning or not, must be willing to learn new business requirements.

How to Effectively Rehire Ex-Employees 

Do you terminate relationships with employees as soon as they leave the building? You're not the only one who feels this way. According to the same Workplace-Trends poll, 80% of employees claim their former employers have not contacted them to persuade them to return.

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That was a great chance squandered! Many of your former employees may be knowledgeable candidates looking to return to their previous position, but you won't know unless you direct part of your recruiting efforts at them.

That's why we produced the "How to Maintain Rehiring Employee Relations" infographic below. We go over how to lure exceptional employees back at every stage of their careers after they leave your organization. We also go through how time-saving technologies like an applicant tracking system can assist your recruiting staff remains on top of all of their boomerangs.

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