How can YouTube Contribute to the Recruitment Process?

Employee recruitment can be aided by using social media platforms such as YouTube's video channel. Video is a great method to personalize the recruitment process and provide potential employees a sense of your company's or organization's culture and new hire expectations. Videos can also be used to start a conversation between possible employees and the firm. YouTube has been shown to be a powerful recruitment tool for businesses, universities, and the military.


We're being more creative with how we find top applicants. For any excellent sources, social media has become an important piece of the game, yet most of us stick to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We overlook the numerous additional social media platforms that are now untouched by recruiters. YouTube is a social media platform that recruiters ignore, but it's time to alter that…

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Recruitment through YouTube?

YouTube isn't exactly a hidden gem; as of 2014, the site has over 1 billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours of material every day — a massive and highly engaged audience. This massive user base doesn't just watch; nearly 100 hours of video footage is added to the site every minute! After Google, YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine (which owns YouTube).

Although YouTube is enormous, there is still room for recruiters to better their usage of the platform to attract and engage top talent.

The video format and large user base of YouTube lend themselves to a few distinct recruitment strategies.

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1. Sourcing

The ability to uncover candidates in places where no one else is looking is critical to successful sourcing. Creating a "sourced honeypot" on YouTube is one of the greatest ways to do this. This is a video that you know will appeal to your target candidate audience and is intended to entice them to subscribe to your YouTube channel so you can continue to engage them with more content.

You may even include links to your application process in the video itself, making it simple for people to take the next step while your firm is still fresh in their minds.

2. Broadcasting company culture

It's critical that new personnel are culturally compatible. Recruiters face a lot of effort when it comes to analyzing applicants, but exposing your company values on your YouTube channel allows prospects to self-select and figure out if they're a good fit.

Zappos, the shoe retailer known for having one of the strongest and most unconventional corporate cultures (executives are referred to as monkeys), frequently uses YouTube to show off all the extras that make it such a pleasant place to work.

Candidates don't want to see mundane office activities; they want to see the elements that distinguish your workplace culture.

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3. Employee testimonials

Candidates don't want to read long paragraphs on your careers site about how amazing your firm is; they want to see and interact with the individuals they might be working with.

If done correctly, employee testimonials are a terrific method to help others understand what life is like at your company. A 2-minute video interview with a junior marketer provides considerably more value to a marketing team applicant than your website's 'About Us' page.

These videos should not only be on your careers site, but also on your company's YouTube account, where they will be immediately available to anyone looking for more information about your business.

4. Creative hiring campaigns

Because finding the greatest candidates can be difficult, many top recruiters are turning to nontraditional means of recruitment, such as YouTube videos (that they hope will go viral). Because videos are 5.33 times more interesting than text, they're ideal for grabbing the attention of elite prospects who might otherwise overlook your organization.

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Perhaps you believe that these strategies are more suited to a startup environment. You'd be mistaken.


Your company's recruitment strategy must include YouTube. The most important aspect of the recruitment process is the attraction phase. Creating outstanding visual content is a terrific method to pique the interest of potential applicants.

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