What To Do If You Are Laid Off

We all are aware of the famous layoff, of 900 employees in a go from one of the leading business companies in the USA, i.e. Better.com. recently again they laid off another 600 employees from their organization due to some internal reasons.


Various companies in India have come up with a niche of not hiring employees for executive or associate levels, they have directly started hiring employees at all managerial levels. The executive work is done by assistant managers. Not only is being laid off on-trend these days but also the attrition rate of various multinational companies is getting higher day by day. In a recent call around 80000 people resigned from Infosys.

Laying off employees has become very common around the world. It used to be said that IT jobs are exceptional, but today because of digitalization they are no exception either. But this is not the case most of the time, there are industries that are taking over others, and there are thousands of available opportunities every now and then. Organizations continue to streamline their workforce.

How to handle being laid off?

Firstly, you should always check out what benefits you’ll be provided when you actually leave the company. You should check out the company policies and see if your laid-off happening is also valid.

You should be clear on what position you’re standing in and not lose out on your employee rights. It is also important to know about your unemployment insurance.

Laying off will give a new start to your career, you can start off by identifying your transferable skills, switching up your career, assessing your interest in new places, getting along various courses, and adding more skills to your resume.

Get along your benefits

If you have a feeling that in the next meeting with your HR, they are going to fire you. Start preparing yourself, get to know about what all benefits are given to fired employees. Whereas, if your HR has already told you about it, should contact the HR department and learn about those benefits. Learn about your health and life insurance, and request a referral from your manager.

Search for new jobs

Getting a job immediately after the mishappen might be a little difficult to attain. Start off as low-profile jobs, you can become a freelancer for a while or a customer care executive., taking up a temporary position in the company or by registering yourself to the different portals, or lining events for the workforce. Ask help from some communities to help you get a new job, network out to everyone you know, and ask them if they have something in their company for you or if they can help you out in any other way possible. Make a list of your top job picks and where all your skills would benefit in that area. Find industries that are outsourcing frequently.

How much time it would take to get hired again?

Job searching might become overwhelming after a point but do not lose hope. Find out where and which in-demand skills will be appreciated. Grab them as quickly as possible, and fill in your application. Or else take out some time for yourself and fill in more skills and try out after a while. Go out for different strategies to attain a job, if it is taking a lot of your time. Expand your network, make a list of companies, etc. have a plan for every day, and work accordingly. You might attain a breakthrough during the time of job searching, but reaching out to your family & friends would do a top effort.


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