10 Ways to Speed-Up Your Job Search Effort

Everyone nowadays knows at least one person who has lost their job due to downsizing, right-sizing, cutbacks, output reductions, or a cruel, vicious "bogus leader" who couldn't care less about your family, livelihood, or existence in the company. It is hard to job search in this pandemic situation. This may seem exaggerated, but everyone has undoubtedly worked under a manager, supervisor, or company leader from hell, and if you haven't, stay put.


This is the kind of leadership that leads corporations down a path of doom and gloom. So, what are the options for a jobless person? You must first organize yourself and do a thorough self-examination. Examine your passions, as well as your skills and abilities. This isn't a joke; if you're prepared to get real and work hard, you may be having the time of your life. You can't expect people to do it for you; you must take responsibility for your jobless status and decide where you want to go from here. Put off the pity party till later.

Do you have the ability to captivate others? Have you ever worked in a sales environment? Can't bear the thought of your life being dependent on a commission? Give it a shot. Yes, it's simple for me to say, but "nothing ventured, nothing gained," and you should always trust yourself more than a "fake leader." Employees today believe that their employer should always keep their best interests in mind when planning company growth and expansion. This is both unjust and dumb. The company's leadership is just concerned with the bottom line. They might care about workers in a perfect world, but this isn't a perfect world; it's a global economy, and it's "all about the Benjamin’s."

Before you begin your job search, here are 10 things you must do:

1. Make an honest, in-depth assessment of your job abilities. Examine your leadership, financial, communication, research, and computing skills.

2. Make a list of all the transferrable abilities you have, such as auditing, appraising, recruiting, troubleshooting, and organizing, as well as all the tasks that fall under the "other duties as instructed" umbrella.

3. Choose your wording carefully when composing your resumes. Only include strong, positive remarks that are related to the position you're applying for.

4. Use job titles and job headings that are relevant to the position you want. Unrelated job titles are a dead giveaway that you don't know what you're talking about.

5. Consider working on a contract basis. Just think about it.

6. Before the interview, practice your interviewing skills and grasp the most critical part of nonverbal communication: eye contact.

7. Take a job in a field that isn't your strong suit. It is possible that you will enjoy it.

8. Don't forget to communicate with anyone who is willing to serve as a reference. Never assume they'll say nice things about you; instead, call them and make sure your relationship is still going strong.

9. Never send a cover letter as an attachment to an email without including a signature. Cover letters without signatures are frequently the first to be rejected. Use a scanner or send an email from a copy business, such as Kinko's, to scan your signature and send a signed cover letter.

10. Keep note of all the positions you're applying for, and make sure your roommates are aware that you're searching for jobs so they can answer the phone with grace and style. Remember that you are a representative of the type of home you came from, thus everyone should have a professional demeanor.

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