E-Recruitment | Is E-Recruitment or Online Recruitment Beneficial?

What is E-Recruitment or Online Recruitment?

E-Recruitment or Online Recruitment is a recruitment process using electronic resources, especially the Internet. Companies and recruitment agencies have moved much of their hiring process online in order to increase the speed with which candidates are matched with open positions. Employers can now fill positions in a fraction of the time it took before, thanks to database technologies, online job posting boards, and search engines.


Employers may save time by using an online e-Recruitment system since they may rate eCandidates and have many people in HR review them independently. Some recruiting firms, such as Taleo and even Unicef, have developed their own platforms, while others, such as Jobtrain, Ivy Exec, and HireServe, have launched new businesses to provide similar services. The internet, which reaches a wide number of people and allows for fast feedback, has emerged as the most important source of possible job prospects and is referred to as Online Recruitment or E-recruitment.

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However, it may result in a large number of unqualified candidates, as well as a lack of diversity and mix among personnel. In terms of HRM, the internet has drastically altered the recruitment process for both employers and job seekers.

Traditional recruitment tactics are well known for being time-consuming, expensive, and having a restricted geographic reach. Recruitment via the World Wide Web, on the other hand, provides global coverage and convenience. Similarly, the internet's rapid adoption into recruiting procedures is mostly attributed to the internet's unrivaled communications capabilities, which allow recruiters to communicate in writing via e-mails, blogs, and job portals.

Types of E-Recruitment or Online Recruitment

An email/message list

Interested parties sign up to be notified about job openings as they become available. This is a great, targeted approach to reach out to folks who have expressed an interest, but the recruitment market moves quickly, and an email/message list can quickly become out of date.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms can be useful for publicizing job opening information and providing a link to more information. However, without the necessary infrastructure in place, such as 2,000–5,000 followers at the very least, any such news will take a long time to spread. Simply posting something on social media will accomplish nothing unless it is properly circulated by those who follow you.

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Online Jobs Listing

With possibly a slight exaggeration, there are now nearly as many internet job vacancy lists as there are positions themselves. They've become a popular strategy to increase ad revenue, and they're frequently promoted on social media. Many should be avoided since they are just as eager to get consumers to click on their external adverts and links as they are to click on their genuine job vacancy advertisements.


The website is a good area to make all of the documentation and information that prospective candidates require available for recruitment. They might also be the location where applications and forms are submitted. However, they are merely a source of information; getting people to visit that website is significantly more crucial.

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Recruiters rarely use this vast database of people marketing themselves — in essence, presenting their online CV — other than to verify that a person is who they say they are. We may, for example, urge others to apply by sharing their LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters appreciate how easy it is to apply for jobs online. All of the information is immediately available to the recruiter, in the format desired and totally standardized, and can be quickly distributed to all members of the recruitment team. The one disadvantage is that only those who are familiar with computers and working online will excel at the chore of applying, even if they are talents that aren't required for the positions available. Any recruiting that solely allows for online recruitment risks excluding a tiny but considerable percentage of persons who lack such abilities or do not have an internet connection.

One issue that is becoming increasingly common is recruiters who, as a result of a highly successful social media campaign, receive significantly more applicants than they anticipated. It is critical to prepare ahead of time and know what to do if something occurs.

Recruitment is now potentially much less expensive, and we have the opportunity to reach a far wider spectrum of people at our fingertips. To ensure a genuine variety of approaches, it is not enough to rely entirely on online means without a pre-existing mature social media presence paired with more traditional methods — such as media advertising and recruitment agencies.

Is E-Recruitment or Online Recruitment Beneficial?

What are the benefits of recruiting via the internet? There are a number of benefits to using e-recruitment, all of which are geared toward making the hiring process more efficient and improving candidate relationship management.


Some of the advantages of internet recruitment are as follows:

Using online recruitment to ‍reduce time to hire

Many online rental services use automation, allowing employers to begin reviewing CVs from qualified people within minutes of submitting them. The first option is tested using the criteria set out in the online hiring system, and you will be notified if the applicant's progress meets those requirements. A traditional newspaper or list of trade journal activities is very different from an online job posting. Your advertisements are displayed in front of the correct people 24 hours a day through e-recruitment.

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To cut down on hiring time, make sure your applications are mobile-friendly and simple to fill out. Most applicants will abandon an application form if it takes more than five minutes to complete, according to research.

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‍Cost-effective recruiting method

Costs of recruitment can easily build up. This is because hiring costs include not only the cost of finding and hiring people, but also the cost of transportation, training, and maintenance.

To be proficient in their profession, every person must receive sufficient training and onboarding within a set timetable. If a significant turnover rate occurs in a short period of time, it indicates that the employee has departed the organization without recouping their recruitment costs.

The hiring process will need to start from the beginning. Using less expensive rental techniques will help you save a lot of money. Traditional advertising, for example, is more expensive compared to free rental sites. Even if you pay for a platform, the cost will be less than advertising in newspapers and magazines.

Reach a wider audience with internet recruiting

You may reach a more targeted and bigger audience with online recruitment. If you're looking for remote workers, you can reach out to people in any country. You can also use recruiting job boards to target specific industries and professional associations, ensuring that only the correct people notice and apply for your job opening.

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If you use online rental, you have the ability to expand your job search to get the best opportunities. This means that you can reach people from all over the world even if you are not in your usual place. You can also make your search more specific. For example, you can modify your job description to a certain locality if you're a restaurant owner seeking delivery drivers. You won't have to go through applications from candidates who reside too far away.

Online recruiting increases hiring efficiency

The online rental uses technology to improve the entire hiring process. Pre-employment testing, background testing, and testing are all part of this process. The time it takes to find a competent applicant is cut in half due to increased efficiency.

One of the benefits of e-recruitment or online recruitment is that you may utilize a single current recruitment solution for several purposes.

Fountain, for example, has a number of features, including:

  • Fourth-party vendor integration for background checks, evaluations, and pre-employment screening.
  • Scheduling of interviews
  • Analytics in depth.
  • Application for a job.

Everything is done on one platform, so you don't have to switch between systems. 

Online recruitment brings more job applicants

Because your job reaches a wider area when you use online recruiting, you gain from more applicants.

Consider this: according to a survey, 79 % of all adults in the United States use online services to look for work. The Internet is a great place to look for different activities. You need to be where your applicants are looking as a firm and as a recruiter. The number of high-quality applications you receive will increase as you submit your vacancies to relevant job boards and recruitment domains. You'll need an online recruiting system that ensures only qualified candidates go through a manual review so you don't get slowed down by the influx of applications. The majority of businesses do preliminary screening using an applicant tracking system (ATS).

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This means that your applicant tracking system (ATS) will sort through resumes based on keywords and phrases. It will then recommend which resumes should be considered and which should be rejected from the hiring process. This saves you time because only the best resumes will be manually screened.

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